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Sorry We Didn’t Die at Sea

A Co-Production with Marco Young and in Association with Seven Dials Playhouse

Written by Emanuele Aldrovandi, Translated by Marco Young


Director: Daniel Emery

Producer: Saskia Baylis

The Tall One: Will Bishop

The Beautiful One: Yasmine Haller

The Burly One: Felix Garcia Guyer

The Stocky One: Marco Young

Lighting Designer: Mary Bennet

Sound Designer: Jamie Lu

Stage Manager: Marcus Grove

Seven Dials Playhouse

Tuesday 11th – Saturday 16th July


In a not-too-distant future, a failed Europe has become a continent of emigrants. Seeking better jobs and brighter futures, Europeans are forced to set out illegally for more affluent countries, all of which have closed their borders. Against this claustrophobic, chaotic backdrop, The Tall One, The Beautiful One, The Stocky One and The Burly One are stuck in a shipping container, en route to an undisclosed location – possibly Venezuela, possibly Japan – but it remains unclear whether they will ever make it anywhere at all.  

With its archetypal characters and existential themes, this intriguing and darkly hilarious piece lies very much in the absurdist tradition. Echoing the refugee crisis in the undertaking of a dangerous journey by sea, it offers a deep dive into the human struggle to find meaning and purpose.  

Sorry We Didn’t Die at Sea is a new translation of Scusate Se Non Siamo Morti in Mare (Finalist: 2015 Riccione Award, 2015 Scenario Award). This is its first British English translation and first UK staging.  

Duration: 65 minutes.

Con il supporto di PAV/Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe”
[“Supported by PAV/Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe”]