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I Have Heard You Calling in the Night

In Association with Unrealistically Loud Theatre

Presented at the Union Theatre in Southwark in September 2021

I Have Heard You Calling in the Night is one of those rare scripts that leaps off the page, making one long to see it fully realised on stage. The authors have created a haunting pair of characters that are at once strange, quirky and astonishingly cruel, but also touchingly fallible and relatable. It’s an endearing, quietly compulsive gem of bleak comedy, shot through with unexpected poignancy and flashes of inspired lunacy.’ – Alun Hood, WhatsOnStage reviewer

Union Theatre, Southwark

9th – 10th September


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Peter, a young vicar, is scrambling to keep his head above water in the seaside town of Cromer, juggling small town politics and the looming threat of the annual carnival. Luckily, a wrong-number phone call connects him with Cillian, a mysterious stranger eager to help him from the other side of the world (Ireland). The two quickly spiral into a long-distance friendship that is as enjoyable and fulfilling as it is destructive and parasitic, as our heroes race to put together the Church float even as their lives fall apart.

As problem stacks on top of problem, the two men face up to how much responsibility they’re willing to take for each other’s fate. A chaotic, irreverent and reluctantly heartfelt look at masculinity and mental health, ‘I Have Heard You Calling in the Night’ is a deep dive into the darkness. Without armbands.

Sneak Preview

Performed by Will Bishop

Artwork by Heather Garfin (@garjunkle)